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Category - Equities


Analyzing Nifty 50 -Strength and Market Technicals

“Learning Series” – Lets learn how market experts and professionals do internal analysis of Nifty and identify market strength. “Step 1 -Check number of stocks making new highs and new lows, when Index (Nifty 50) is at new highs” This is because when market is making new highs, we would like to see number of …


Future Enterprises Limited – Multibagger Stock

Future Enterprises Limited, the stock seems to be deeply undervalued. Hold this for long term for 3 times returns in next 3 to 4 years


Panyam Cement-Multibagger Stock

Buy Panyam Cement cp. 82.3 Target 120, Its a portfolio stock to be kept for long term. Also check our 2016 stock recommendation, for boosting your portfolio returns. In last 7 months our recommendation has delivered 50% to 180% Jayant Agro 189% Manapuram Finance 52% India Cements 41% njoy !! happy investing !! #Mutibagger #ManapuramFinance …


Learning Series # Part 2 # Picking momentum and quality stocks

Dear All, In my last post I had discussed some of the detailed step by step process of selecting a quality stock, Here I am presenting one more quick method of selecting a potential quality or momentum stock – Here we go !! For this method we should have patience and we wait for a …


Buy Water Base Ltd, can be a Multibagger stock !!

Buy Water Base @ 106 to 100 target around 150 to 180, stop loss Rs. 90, Merger plans on the cards ! can be a Multibagger stock


How Professionals Identify Momentum Stocks-Potential Trade or Stock to trade

How to Identify Momentum Stocks to Trade Feel free to share your Thoughts and Inputs ! Will be happy to discuss the same.


Best Investment Strategy in Current Stock Market volatility, Also find out is SIP the best tool for investment in current scenario

Dear All, Please find a note below on current market volatility and what can be done as an individual investor in current scenario. I am addressing some common questions which every investor has in his mind in current scenario. Que 1 : Can markets fall further, experts say India’s fundamentals are strong it will not …


Top most Recommendation keeping elections in mind State Bank of India

One can buy State bank in cash or can buy options with a small risk as risk reward is very favourable Current price Close on expiry No of shares Price 2200 call Profit Maximum loss Risk reward 2065 2551 125 71.7 51,787 8962.5 5.7 2065 2960 125 71.7 102,912 8962.5 11.4


Top Picks

Year 2013 update Reco. Date Scrip Rec Price Current price Returns till date Target Price Open/Closed Upside Returns > 50% 15-May-12 HCL Tech 504 490 -2.78% 490 Closed -2.78%   27-Jun-12 McLeod Russel 292 276 -5.48% 380 Open 30.14%   03-Jul-12 Mind Tree 630 750 19.05% 750 Closed 19.05%   03-Jul-12 Glenmark Pharma 360 570 …