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Category - Mutual Funds


How To Beat Fixed Deposits – By Investing in Debt Funds !

Relevant questions answered in this section of  article are – 1. Get 8% to 9% return on your investment risk free !! in debt funds more than your fixed deposits. 2. This post is useful for people falling in higher Tax bracket or Senior citizens who mostly invests in FD’s.  3. Can I expect better …


Mutual Funds and their Taxation

A) Types of Mutual Funds Broadly, Mutual Funds are categorized into types of Funds: Equity Mutual Funds Debt Mutual Funds B) Types of taxation on MF: Tax on Income/ dividend distribution by a scheme Tax on Capital Gain/ Loss from the redemption of MF units. Before we discuss on the taxes on MF, let us …


FDs v/s Mutual Fund Investment

A) Time Period for Investment Whether you should invest in bank FDs or MF, foremost thing is to decide your term of investment. If you are planning to go for a short term investment, our advise would be to better put your money in FDs, as you will get an assured return after maturity (say …


Can I get good returns in “Mutual Funds”. which sector to invest,Large cap, Mid cap or Small cap