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Home Loans

Home Loan

Welcome to Profit Tantra.com!

Would you like to avail your home loan.

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    Balance transfer at lower rate / Top up on existing loans

    • Transfer your outstanding loan at lower rates and pay less interest from your hard earned money
    • Transfer your Loan, without any hassles
    • Take top up on existing loans to close your personal loan or credit card loans which are at higher rates

    Call our experts @ 99167-40909

    How to reduce your EMI & interest rate

    • Increase the tenure of your loan to reduce your EMI amount per month
    • While increasing the tenure also keep in mind, interest you pay throughout the tenure will also go up
    • In case of existing loan, make part payment to reduce outstanding amount and thereby reducing the interest outgo
    • Transfer your loan to rate, this is applicable where your existing home loan interest rate is heigher

    Compared to prevailing rates

    Click here to transfer your loan at lower rate

    Know how to increase your Eligibility

    • Increasing the tenure of your loan will help you in increasing your eligibility of the loan
    • Adding a Co-Applicant’s Income while applying for a home will Increase Eligibility
    • Co-Applicant can be Father/Mother/Brother also. Few banks may consider including Sister also

    As co-applicant for increasing the eligibility of the loan

    Benefits of taking Home Loan

    • Appreciation in value of home Savings of rent
    • Tax benefit of up to 2,00,000 on interest
    • No panalty on part payment of home loans
    • No pre closure charges on closure of home loan

    Loan Benefits

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