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Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policy
Profit Tantra deals with providing vast range and varied types of insurance like health insurance, Term insurance, travel insurance, corporate/group insurance, liability insurance, gratuity insurance, fire and burglary insurance etc to their customer depending on their requirement. We have exclusive tie ups with various insurance companies and our expertise is we provide the best deal available in the market to our customers.

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    Why Corporate/Group health insurance?

    Because Employee’s Health is company’s health

    corporate Health Insurance
    Employee health is one of the biggest issues in today’s high pressure, competitive work environment. Take the initiative as an employer to remove your employees’ worries of the high cost of medical treatment for themselves and their families. Caring for health and wellbeing of your employees and their families is one of the best motivators for your workforce.

    Why choose Profit Tantra Financial Services :

    • Unbiased advise
    • Access to all policy features in the market
    • From the moment you approach us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated realationship manager who will remain with you for all your requirements.
    • We have very strong relationship with our insurers, helps us to get competitive quotes for our clients.
    • Complete back office support from policy issuance to claim settlements.
    • Our approach is clear and transparent, we have life time relationship with all our customers

    Years of relationship with following companies
    Standalone health insurance companies
    Private Sector

    • Apollo Munich Health Insurance
    • Max Bupa Health Insurance
    • Religare Health Insurance Company Ltd
    • Star Health Insurance

    General insurance companies
    Public Sector
    Government of India Fully owned 4 companies:

    • National Insurance Co Ltd
    • New India Assurance Co Ltd
    • Oriental Insurance Co Ltd
    • United India Insurance Co Ltd

    Private Sector

    • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
    • Bharti AXA General Insurance
    • Cholamandalam MS
    • Future Generali India Insurance
    • HDFC ERGO General Insurance
    • ICICI Lombard
    • L & T General Insurance
    • Reliance General Insurance
    • Royal Sundaram
    • SBI General Insurance
    • Tata AIG General

    Life Insurance

    Why you need insurance :

    In case of an unfortunate event (Death or Permanent Disability) your responsibility towards your family don’t die.

    Term Insurance :

    HI 3
    How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • How much of the family income do I provide?
    • If I were to die, how would my survivors, especially my wife and children, get by?
    • Does anyone else depend on me financially, such as a parent, grandparent, brother or sister?
    • Do I have children for whom I would like to set aside money to finish their education in the event of my death?
    • How will my family pay final expenses and repay debts after my death?
    • Do I have family members or organizations to whom I would like to leave money?
    • Will there be estate taxes to pay after my death?
    • How will inflation affect future needs?

    Some insurance experts suggest that you purchase five to eight times your current income. However, it is better to go through the above questions to figure a more accurate amount.
    Tips on Buying Life Insurance

    • Make sure you feel confident in the insurance agent and company.
    • Decide how much you need, for how long, and what you can afford to pay.
    • Learn what kinds of policies will provide what you need and pick the one that is best for you.
    • Do not sign an application until you review it carefully to be sure the answers are complete and accurate.
    • Do not buy life insurance unless you intend to stick with your plan. It may be very costly if you quit during the early years of the policy.
    • When you buy a policy, make the check payable to the company, not the agent
    Child Plan :

    Why You Need a Child Future Plan?
    You would not like to compromise your child’s future under any situation or circumstance. For example, you don’t want to allow rising cost of education to affect your child’s bright career. You don’t want them to lag behind other children in any area of their life. You also need a plan that takes care of your child’s future even if you are not around.

    To fulfill your and your child’s dreams, all you need is a Child Future plan or a Child Educational plan that is designed to provide money at key milestones in the life of the child

    How to Identify the Right Child Plan
    Children’s Needs and Planning

    Your children are dependent on you for his / her needs and deserve the best in life. It is your responsibility as a parent to take care of your children and take care of their needs.

    Planning for a child’s future should start as soon as he/she comes into this world. Starting early will help you keep ahead of your child’s requirements.

    For example, you child might want to go abroad for higher studies or advanced training in sports, and you will require a huge amount to fulfill their dreams. So you must anticipate your children’s needs and start planning for them right from the initial days of their life on this earth.

    Features to Look for in a Child Future Plan

    You must ensure that you have a complete and secure child plan for your child’s education and other important needs. You can go about your daily affairs in peace as you are assured of the required money when your child really needs it.
    Hence you must choose a plan that ideally provides for the following:

    • Provides enough amount for his/her education in a career of his/ her choice, and your child’s advancement in extra-curricular activities and wedding
    • Go for a plan where you pay premium in a single lump sum or regular installments’
    • Enables you to reap the benefits at once or partly at different stages of life during the key milestones of your child. Therefore the maturity amount must come at the right time and year for the child
    • While deciding the plan amount, you must remember that inflation will increase your requirements manifold in future.
    • Protection : You must ensure that the child policy you choose must provide for the following benefits in the unfortunate event of your death during the term of the policy:
    • Future premiums would be paid by the insurance company till the time of maturity of the policy
    • Sum assured would be paid to the child, and the policy benefits would continue for your child’s educational and developmental needs.

    Tax benefits: Various child future plans also offer you tax benefits. You must therefore choose a plan that provides you these benefits too.

    Investment Plan

    Saving and investing is about balancing the risks you are comfortable with alongside the potential rewards. As a general rule, the higher the risk, the bigger the potential rewards – but also the potential losses.

    Whatever your investment objectives for the long-term, it is wise to set aside short-term savings of at least three months take-home income to meet emergencies. This should be held where you can access your money easily.

    Your investment goals and attitude to risk are personal and may change over time, particularly as you near retirement. You will probably find you need to review your approach to investing as time goes on.

    What is the best way to invest?

    • Get in the habit of saving. Set aside a portion of your income regularly.
    • Invest in financial markets so your money can grow at a meaningful rate.
    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Though it doesn’t guarantee a profit or ensure against the possibility of loss, having multiple types of investments may help reduce the impact of a loss on any single investment.
    • Focus on long-term potential rather than short-term price fluctuations.
    • Ask questions and become educated before making any investment.
    • Invest with your head, not with your stomach or heart. Avoid the urge to invest based on how you feel about an investment.
    Retirement Plan

    Why retirement plans?
    Our pension plans are designed to ensure that your retirement years truly become your golden years. They will provide you the financial security to pursue your unfulfilled dreams.

    What is retirement insurance?

    Retirement insurance ensures that you or your family members receive a regular pension amount post a retirement date. You have the flexibility to choose the retirement date and the manner in which you receive the pension.

    Why do I need retirement insurance?
    Longer retirement years :
    Average life spans are increasing in India and hence, the retirement years are likely to be longer. With the rise in inflation you will need more money to live in comfort.

    Financial independence post retirement :
    Earlier, people could depend on their children to take care of them post retirement. However, as a modern individual, would you not like to maintain your financial independence post retirement also?

    Inflation :

    Inflation is an important factor. Post retirement, you need a regular income to ensure that your expenses can be met.