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Educational seminars & workshop

Equity – Educational Seminars & Workshop

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Past seminars Conducted

Event Name : Financial Planning

Presented by : Niraj Thacker (Head – Financial Advisory : Profit Tantra Financial Service)

Date : 30 Oct 2012

Venue : MuseComm

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Equity – Educational Seminars & Workshop

Event Name : Goal Achievement Program

Presented by : Mr.S.Gururaj (South Head, Training, Birla Sunlife AMC)

Date : 30 April 2011

Venue : Hotel Rayal Comfort

I am briefing few points, for those who were not able to attend the program and as reference for others:

Name of the speaker : Mr.S.Gururaj (South Head, Training, Birla Sunlife AMC)

He has experience of more than 22 years in Mutual Fund industry has worked with (UTI, Templeton and currently with Birla AMC)

I am covering topics discussed point wise (Note: only conclusions and plan of action is covered)

What were the financial Instruments covered for discussion ?

Ans: Life insurance, Health insurance, Gold and Silver, Mutual Funds, Equities, Real Estate, Fixed deposits and other Debt instruments.

Should you buy Insurance (Life and Health)

Ans : Its a must for all, in today’s increasing medical costs : health insurance should be at least 3 to 4 lakhs, For calculating amount of life insurance calculate your liabilities and than decide on the amount or the best way is 10 times of your CTC.

Note: Check out your term insurance is covering accidental death or not, coz most of the term insurance only cover normal death and not accidental. (What are the charges ? normally cover of 1 crore including 50 lakhs of accidental cover will cost approx 15,000 )

Shall we buy Endowment plans or Ulip Plans ?

Ans: Never buy an Endowment plans, bcoz of following reasons :

  • = Advisor commission is 35% to 40%, so just to reach at your cost they need return of 53%
  • = Amount you get including bonus and all is just like your cash back plus few lakhs of insurance which is not enough
  • = No transparency and surrender value if you discontinue will be 60 to 70% of premium paid
So which is right asset class to invest and to achieve our financial goals in long term :

Ans: a) If age is in your side i.e. if you have not crossed 35, you should do a SIP in Diversified Equity Fund

  • b) If age is more than 35, than have a combination of Debt and Equity, coz as your age increases you would like to have less volatility in your portfolio.
  • c) Now how to side how much debt in your portfolio :simply deduct your age minus 100 For ex: If your age is below 35 than go for 100% equity.If you have crossed 35 and choose for low volatility, low risk in yourportfolio and age is 40 than equity should be (100- Age 40=60% should be equity) balance 40% debt, at age 45, and 50, debt will be 45% and 50% respectively)
What are the returns you can expect ?

Ans: Last 30 years average annualised returns are 16% so even if you get 12% returns in future its better than Fixed deposit returns of 10%, Savings account returns of 3%, NSC and recurring deposits.

When should we invest in Debt ?

Ans: When interest rates are increasing you need to invest in short term duration/debt funds or FMPs. When interest rates are falling we need to invest in long term debt funds like Gsecs

Shall we buy Gold and Silver at current levels, and what returns we may expect ? What should be its %age in total portfolio ?

Ans: Gold can be bought at current levels as it is used as a hedge against US dollar, you may expect 10 to 12% returns. Silver may also be bought at current levels, but is very volatile. So, for a risk taking investor it may be a good bet.

What is the best way to invest in Gold ?

Ans : Two best ways are Online Gold ETF and Gold ETF mutual funds, to know benefits of buying GOLD ETF against buying physical gold : Click here

Shall we invest in Real estate ?

Ans : Real is a good asset class and can provide you huge returns in long term but comes with its own risk and liquidity concerns.

Note: I have tried my best to include all the points, still I request all those who attended the program to correct me, if I have left out some points. Please leave comments and suggestions below for improvement of Goal Achievement Program.