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Research Paper

I have prepared this research paper considering actual index movement of Index i.e. Nifty50 Index / CNX Midcap Index / Small Cap Index

Hence to take complete benefit of this research paper please go through the questions line by line.

I can assure you will find interesting answers and findings, All these will help you to avoid making mistakes and increase your chances of making more returns, lets start with the most basic question asked by all investors :

  • Question : Which fund should I buy Large cap / Mid cap / Small cap ?
  • Question : What should be my holding period ?

Answer depends on your holding period :

  • Option 1 - If answer is long term above 5 years and you can take above average risk than mid cap
  • Option 2 - If answer is not long term that is below 5 years than large cap
  • Option 3 - Small cap funds should be completely avoided

Please check comparative chart below to understand, I am putting it in a graphical picture and numbers both cause its rightly said "A picture is worth a thousand words"

Relative performance Midcap and Nifty

Relative performance Small cap and Nifty

Yearly returns Midcap

Yearly returns Nifty

Comparitive returns chart Midcap and Nifty : Month wise and Yearly return

Returns chart Nifty Month wise and Yearly returns

To summarize

Clearly midcaps have out performed by significant margin

Small cap should be completely avoided